Merlin Server

The quickest and recommended way is to download Merlin Server from the releases page for your host operating system (i.e Windows, macOS, or Linux).

Ubuntu Server 18.04

The following single line of code can be used to download, extract, and run Merlin Server on an Ubuntu Server:

sudo bash;apt update;apt install p7zip-full -y;cd /opt;wget;7z x -pmerlin -omerlin merlinServer-Linux-x64.7z;cd merlin;./merlinServer-Linux-x64

If you’re using 7zip from the command line, but sure to use the x flag so that the files are extracted into their respective directories.

The Merlin Server file download includes the compiled agents for all 3 major platforms in the data/bin/ directory

Visit the Merlin Agent quick start to launch an agent.